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SOTD 12/30 It’s Heavy Coates Weather


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla
Brush: Shea Moisture Synthetic
Soap:  Coates Original Almond Shaving Cream for Dry Skin
Razor: Gillette TTO Black Handle
Blade:  Personna Lab Blue (2)
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Aubrey Organics City Rhythms ASB & Master Well Bay Rum AS

Man did the temperature DROP last night!  If it’s still this cold on New Years eve I may be spending it watching the ball drop on TV!  Both Chico and I were arctic bundled up for our morning walk today.

Finally finished off the tube of my beloved Coates Shaving Cream.  It was a sad moment.  But it was a fantastic shave!  The soap had reached the point were the scent was almost totally gone, but the performance was still like it was brand new.  Super cushion from thick & rich lather.  Great razor glide & slickness.  I’m definitely going to have to see if any of this is still out there in the wild because it is going to be sorely missed from my rotation.

2nd shave on the Lab Blue blade.  Very sharp and smooth.  Got me to a BBS with minimal buffing and zero errors.  No irritation in the problem areas.  Will be repurchasing these blades in the new year.  So far have not met a Personna blade I didn’t like! LOL

Ok what New Years plans do you have going on?  I know i am getting my drink on wherever I end up LOL

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SOTD 12/29 It Just Clix


Pre: Sir Hare Bald Head Care Shaving Oil – Beach Bum
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:  WSP Rustic Shaving Soap – Pumpkin Spice
Razor: ’30-’40s Clix Bakelite
Blade:  Laser Super Platinum (2)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringen
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Lucky Tiger Bay Rum AS

Back to grind!  Hope everyone enjoyed the time off, I know I did.  Now time to get back focused as I’m sure today will be interesting at work.

Started the work week with the Pumpkin Spice.  Good way to work up an appetite for breakfast!  The scent is absolutely delicious.  Great lather this morning.  Good razor glide and cushion.  One thing I noticed today, the lather isn’t a “pure” white lather.  It has a off color to it.  Almost a french vanilla.   No idea why I hadn’t noticed that before.  Nothing wrong with it, I just happened to notice it today.

Trying out the Laser SP blade in the Clix.  SO far so good.  Today was the 2nd shave with it.  Very smooth and nicely sharp.  No tugging or skipping.  This blade is fast becoming a favorite.  My next step will be to try it in a more aggressive razor.  And/or an adjustable.

“Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.” – Unknown

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SIOTD 12/27 The Recovery Shave


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:  C.O. Bigelow – Eucalyptus
Razor: Maggard Razors M3
Blade:  Laser Super Platinum (5)
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Pacific Shaving Moisturizer & Fine Classic After Shaving Splash – Platinum

Whew!  Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!  I know I did.  Love it when my family gets together drama free LOL  I ate waty too much as expected.  Spent too much money on my dog.  Watched “A Christmas Story” 8 times, 3 back to back.  Yep good times…

So this week, mainly so I wouldn’t have to think about it, I’ve been using the same blade/razor combo everyday.  The M3 and a Laser Super Platinum blade that a Facebook friend sent me a few of.  I’d never heard of Laser so I went into the shaves with no pre-conceived notions.  Wow!  This is an awesome blade!  I mean seriously!  Good and sharp from first shave, to shave five.  Still super smooth.  Never a tug or s skip, regardless of the soap I used.  How have I not heard of these before?  I can’t remember seeing them in anyone’s SOTD.  Maybe they just didn’t blip my radar or something.  Well they have my attention now!  Gonna try them in one of my adjustables next.

Another change I made this week was in my lather generation.  If you’ve noticed I use a couple of bowls for lather pretty regularly.  I have a black salsa bowl that I picked up at Wal-Mart, and a small ceramic bowl that someone made for me.  Well on Christmas eve, I had an amazing (meaning blatantly obvious lol) idea.  Usually I would let the bowl (either one) sit in the hot water during prep.  Then it’d be warm during lather generation.  But unfortunately would lose that warmth quickly during the shave.  So what I did was “soak” both bowls during prep.  Then I put a little hot water in the salsa bowl, then placed the ceramic bowl in the salsa bowl.  Voila!  Instant cheapskate scuttle!  Works great!  Lather stayed very warm throughout the entire shave and then some.  So that’s going to be my new go to method for the rest of Winter, or until I invest in a real scuttle lol

Now time for more Christmas leftovers!!

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SOTD 12/22 Holidaze Hot Toddy


Pre: Van Yulay Pre Shave Oil
Brush: VDH Kit Brush Boar
Soap:  Soap Commander Refreshment – Sweet Tea
Razor: ’72 Gillette Tech with Muhle handle (Frankentech)
Blade:  Feather (3)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Pacific Shaving Moisturizer & Lucky Tiger Bay Rum AS

Woot! Only 3 shopping days left till Christmas!  Who cares right?  Because it’s not about the presents…right? 😉  So far still no snow, but they are predicting a “mild” winter storm in the next couple of days.  So we’ll either get a couple inches of fresh powder or a couple inches of rain.  I’m kind of meh about either result…

Digging through my samples, I found another one I hadn’t used in quite awhile.  Refreshment Tea!  Absolutely love this scent!  Smells exactly like fresh brewed oolong tea to me!  This was the first time using it on my face and MAN was it a fantastic experience.  Felt like I was bathing my face in warm tea.  Great lather.  Good slickness.  Great skin feel.  I need to get a full one of this soap before Soap Commander stops producing it!  That would be seriously disappointing…

Feather blade in the Frankentech on the 3rd shave.  Amazing shave.  Super sharp still, nice and smooth in the Tech.  Very little touch up needed.  The Feather is fast becoming my favorite blade in the Tech.  It’s a perfect combination.

My blogging this week is going to be sporadic due to the holidaze, so in case I don’t post again before Christmas, I’d like to say Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it, and Happy Holiday to those that don’t!  Either way, Love your families!



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SOTD 12/21 Punkin Sunday


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO _ Cherry Vanilla Sandalwood
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:  WSP Rustic Shaving Soap – Pumpkin Spice
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Personna Red (4)
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Gillette After Shave Lotion

A relaxing Sunday morning shave before I dive into completing my Christmas shopping today.  Something I am NOT looking forward too.  Luckily I only have a few more things to get.  I was kind of distracted this morning.  Was trying to plan my attack on shopping and thus my mind wasn’t totally on my shave.  So I ended up making a few questionable choices, but ended up with a great shave anyway 🙂

Used the WSP Pumpkin Spice.  I love the scent.  Smells just like homemade pumpkin pie.  Seriously.  I’m always totally hungry after using this soap.  Of course the performance was great as usual.  WSP soaps lather super easy and generates that thick yogurt-y style lather.  Great cushion and nice slickness.  Really nice skin feel after the shave.

Accidentally used the Personna Red on it’s 4th shave.  Not surprisingly it shaved great.  There’s no reason why I don’t typically take the Reds past 3 shaves other than 3 shaves is a good number for most of the blades that I use.  I have a few brands that I could easily use for 4-5 shaves but blades are so cheap that I don’t really worry about it.

Finally, not thinking, I grabbed the Gillette ASB Lotion.  The scent TOTALLY clashed with the pumpkin scent of the soap.  It was a weird effect.  Luckily the ASB soon over powered the pumpkin so it evened out.  Ended up with a super close BBS shave all around.  Zero errors from the Fat Boy set on 4.

It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!


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SOTD 12/19 Van Yulay Day


Pre: Van Yulay Pre Shave Oil
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:  Van Yulay Soap of the Gods – Hercules – Cucumber Melon
Razor: ’88 Gillette Super Adjustable – Black Beauty
Blade:  Astra SP
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Van Yulay Mens Toner – Cool & Refreshing & Fine Classic AS – American Barber

I have to admit.  I wasn’t real impressed with the first sample I received of Van Yulay Creamy Soap.  It was very foamy, runny, and didn’t have any cushion.  Then Monica contacted me and said that she wasn’t happy with that formulation, and would be sending me a sample of the new batch.  I didn’t have high hopes for it, and to be honest I kind of forgot about it.

Well yesterday I got a package from her.  In it were samples of four products:  a re-formulated cream, a new puck style soap, a “toner”, and a pre-shave oil.  Ambitious!  So I decided to try them all together this morning.  I’ll review each below..

I chose the puck sample this morning.  Did my normal “soak” during prep.  Speaking of prep, the pre shave oil is nice.  I didn’t really detect any scent but the consistency and feel is pretty decent. Not too thick, nor too runny.  Felt protective.  Back to the soap, the scent is really nice.  It says “cucumber-melon” but it’s totally not like my cucumber-melon witch hazel.  This scent is much sweeter.  It’s more a fruit sweet, not a candy sweet.  It lathered really easily.  I added a couple of teaspoons of water and it whipped up nice and smooth.  NO FOAM.  Talk about a 180 degree turn around!  The lather has decent cushion and slickness.  Lasted much longer after application than the previous formulation, but still starts to dissipate sooner than soaps like Arko or Kell’s.  Not a deal breaker though.

Skin feel after the shave was great.  Topped off with the Van Yulay Toner.  Again, didn’t really detect any specific scent but the feel is pretty good.  Not sticky at all.  Once it drys the skin feels smooth.  Overall I would say Monica has done a great job with the new products and I really like the scent of the Hercules soap.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should!  Find them at Van Yulay!

Used the Black Beauty set on 4 with an Astra SP blade.  Made for a typically smooth comfortable shave with minor tiny nicks in my problem areas.  Caught the baby this morning with ease. LOL


TGIF!  Any pre-Chistmas parties going on this weekend?


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SOTD 12/18 To Conk or Not To Conk


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla
Brush: VDH Boar Kit Brush
Soap:  Col. Conks Famous Glycerin Shave Soap – Bay Rum
Razor: ’32 -40 Gillette New Long Comb Bar Handle
Blade:  Personna Red
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Pacific Shaving Moisturizer ASB & Master Well Bay Rum AS

Kicked the morning off with a great stroll downtown.  Traffic was heavier than usual so crossing the main boulevard was kind of interesting.  Chico enjoyed the brief excitement LOL  Now they are saying there’s a slight chance for snow by Christmas.  Bah…

A conversation on Facebook yesterday inspired me to whip out the Col. Conk soap this morning.  People were hating on the Conk so I had to step in with the voice of reason LOL  I think most people are just expecting too much out of the Conks.  You can’t compare it to top performers like TOBS, or Maggards, or HTGAM.  It’s not even in their league.  What it is, is a low cost, simple melt & pour soap with decent performance IN IT’S CATEGORY.  If you must compare it, compare it too other low cost soaps like Arko, or Williams.  It’s still not going to “beat” either one of those, but IMO it is a consistent, decent performer.  This morning it left me with a very close shave with very nice skin feel.  For the money, you should give Conks a try.  What have you got to lose?  $3?

Popped a Personna Red in my New LC.  Hadn’t used this razor in quite a while so thought I’d re-visit some of my older vintage tools.  Combined with the Red it gave me a solid BBS with only a couple tiny weepers that were likely user error, rather than the blades fault.  Personna Reds are one of my “go to” blades and they typically give me a great shave regardless of which razor I use.

As a side note – I saw people complaining about the scents of the Conk soaps being “barely there”.  Well in my experience, yes the scents are subtle, but they are definitely there.  I keep my Conks in a mug, uncovered.  It’s been sitting there like that for a good 2 months or more.  The scent is still as strong as it’s always been.  YMMV.

Time for another THIRSTY THURSDAY!! I’m looking forward to some dark rum this evening 😉


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SOTD 12/17 I’m All About That Lime


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Neon Barber Handle (The Force)
Soap:  Maggard Razors Shaving Soap – Lime & Bergamot
Razor: Schick Injector – L Series
Blade:  Schick Injector(2)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Lucky Tiger Bay Rum AS

I’m all about that lime, ’bout that lime, ’bout that lime, no Tabac LOL  Ok now that I have that annoying song playing in your head, good morning!  Temps have dropped back down to near normal so todays morning walk was nice and brisk.

Did I mention I like lime?  I went all all out this morning with it.  As I’m sure you know, Maggard Soaps are some of my favorite soaps that I’ve used.  Their Lime & Bergamot scent is one of my favorite scents, hands down.  An excellent performer with easily generated, thick, cushion-y lather.  Lot’s of razor glide.  I can’t think of anything negative with this soap.  Of course it pairs perfectly with the Lime PSO.  Topped it off with a splash of the Lucky Tiger Bay Rum.  I like this after shave as it’s a spicier rum than my Master Well.

Put the Schick to work this morning.  I felt like I hadn’t used it in forever.  I shaved like it too.  Wasn’t the best shave I’ve had with this razor/blade combo.  Was a little rough feeling in certain areas, but decently smooth in others.  Especially when going against the grain.  Ended up BBS anyway, with some minor bloodletting.  I probably shouldn’t have “chased the baby” today but eh.. I’m stubborn 😉

Have a great Hump Day!


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SOTD 12/15 Frostbitten Tech (Menthol Monday)


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap: HTGAM – Frost Byte
Razor:  ’72 Gillette Tech with Muhle handle (Frankentech)
Blade:  Feather (2)
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Brut Original Fragrance Moisturizing ASB @ Fine Classic AS – Platinum

Brrr!  Even though the temps are in the high 40s, it’s been a frozen morning!  How? Let me tell you!

I finally used up the last of my sample of Frost Byte.  I was excited because this was the first time using it on my face!  And MAN was I not disappointed!  Not only was the dome frozen but my face and neck felt like I was in stage 2 of hypothermia LOL  The freeze was so strong that my eyes were watering and my nose started to run!  Absolutely loved it.  Sitting here now, a good 15 minutes after the shave and my cheeks are still feeling icy!  I topped off with Fine Platinum to keep the menthol going and it felt like I was splashing liquid nitrogen on my face.  Seriously it was REALLY cold.  The performance is great.  Thick lather.  Decent glide and cushion.  My only regret is that I didn’t purchase a puck of it when I had the chance.  Eh, cie la vie.

Second shave on the Feather blade.  Still super sharp and super smooth.  The Feather works awesomely in this Tech.  I’m tempted to try one in my older Fat Handle Tech, which is slightly more aggressive.  I still have to pick up a heavier handle for this Tech.  I love the Muhle handle but I have a theory that a heavier handle would make this a perfect razor for me.  Planning on that being a Christmas gift to myself 😉

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears– Les Brown

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SOTD 12/14 Arko Tech


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Cherry Vanilla Sandalwood
Brush: VDH Kit Boar Brush
Soap:   Arko (puck)
Razor:  ’38 – ’43 Gillette Fat Handle Tech
Blade:  Voskhod (2)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Aubrey Organics City Rhythms AS Balm & Aqua Velva Musk

Awesome Sunday morning!  Temps in the high 40s.  No wind.  Made for a very pleasant, mild walk this morning.  Doesn’t look like a white Christmas is in the works for us here, but then again this IS Michigan so we could get 3 feet of snow tomorrow LOL

It’s Arko time!  I absolutely love this puck!  It lathers great, it’s cheap, it performs great, and I LOVE the scent!  What more could you really ask for in a soap?  I’ll go ahead and say that Arko is arguably the top soap in it’s price range.  I know I’m probably going to get jumped by a gang of Williams users but I can handle it.  BRING IT!! lol

2nd shave on the Voskhod blade, and second shave ever of the Fat handled Tech.  Very close shave.  Confirmed that this tech head is definitely more aggressive than my Travel Tech head.  Not aggressive compared to actual aggressive razors, just when compared to the other Tech.  Ended up BBS with only one tiny weeper under my chin.

Now it’s movie’s Old School Movie Sunday!

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