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SOTD 1/29 TOBS Re-Mix


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: Shea Moisture Synthetic Brush
Soap:  TOBS – Sandalwood, Avacado, & St. James
Razor: ’30-’40s Clix Bakelite
Blade:  Topaz Stainless
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Gillette Lotion ASB & Fine Classic AS – Platinum

Tricky walking this morn’.  Temps in low 30s but over night we apparently got some freezing rain as all of the sidewalks are covered with a coating of ice.  I can only assume the roads are iffy also.  Lot’s of pedestrians taking it real slow today.

In my effort to finally finish off the many samples I had started, this morning I combined what was left of 3 TOBS samples – Avacado, Sandalwood, and St. James.  I have to say that combination made for an interesting scent!  It also made for some incredible lather!  Super thick, dense and yogurt-y.  I don’t know if the formulation of those samples are any different from each other but MAN this was great lather even for TOBS usual top end lather!  Or maybe I just hit the sweet spot today, who knows?  Either way it was fantastic feeling and super slick.  I definitely want to grab a full tub of this soap as soon as I decide which scent to start with LOL

Re-visited the Topaz stainless blade.  A very smooth, decently sharp blade.  IMO a good blade to use in more aggressive razors as it seems to be fairly forgiving.  I was able to reach BBS with minimal effort or buffing.  One minor nick in a spot on my chin that I had nicked previously and just forgot to avoid.  We’ve all done that am I right?  Annoying.

It’s another Thirsty Thursday!  I think tonight it’s time for a good dark beer.  What say you?

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SOTD 1/28 Laser Close


Pre: Van Yulay Pre Shave Oil
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:  WSP Rustic Shaving Soap – Mahogany
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Laser Super Platinum (2)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Brut Classic ASB & Pinaud Clubman Classic AS

8 friggin’ degrees this morning!  Little to no wind though so it wasn’t as horrid as it sounds.  Everything is crunchy and brittle so it makes walking on most surfaces a delicate balancing act.  Doesn’t help that Chico constantly lunges at stuff threatening to pull me down.  Bad dog. LOL

Revisited the WSP mahogany.  I really love this scent.  It’s difficult to describe as it’s a very complex bouquet of smells.  Definitely a masculine scent.  I’d say it is worth picking up a sample just for the scent. The performance is outstanding.  WSP makes some of the best lathering soap I’ve tried yet.  Thick, dense, and slick.  The best 3 words when it comes to soap IMO.

Still rocking the Laser SP blades.  And they are still performing like champions!  This one is on it’s 2nd shave, on setting 4.  Gave me a super smooth feeling BBS front to back with NO bloodletting.  No skipping or catching.  The Lasers have definitely earned a place in my top 5 rotation.  I’m going to be ordering more blades this week.  I’ll post my list then.

It’s HUMP Day!! Mike, Mike, Mike Mike, Mike!

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SOTD 1/25 Down The Street


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Shea Moisture Synthetic Brush
Soap:  TOBS – Jermyn Street
Razor: Maggard Razors MR3
Blade:  Laser Super Platinum
Splash:   Wal-mart Witch hazel 86%
Post: Pacific Shaving Moisturizer

So the weather is turning weird again.  Was in the mid 30s this morn.  By the time I finished our walk, it had DROPPED 4 degrees!  So the arctic air is coming back.  Knew the mildness was too good to last.  Guess it’s time to break out the thermal gear again LOL

Still working through finishing off the many MANY samples I have accumulated.  This morning used the last of TOBS Jermyn St.  I’m still rather ambivalent regarding this scent.  It’s not great but not bad either.  But the lather is first tier!  From a quarter sized dollop of the soap I easily generated a ton of thick, dense, creamy lather!  Great slickness and skin feel.  I am a definite fan of TOBS.  Their almond is my favorite scent of theirs.  It’s on my “to buy” list for when I finally use up all of these samples 🙂

Popped a Laser SP in the MR3.  Seems like I had been neglecting that razor so i dug it out.  I remember why I like this one.  LOVE the chunky handle and the mildly aggressive head.  The weight is really balanced and great for learning how not to use pressure.  I recommend it for newbies with heavier beard growth.  But as always YMMV.

It’s gonna be a lazy Sunday.


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SOTD 1/23 Rarrr!


Pre: Van Yulay Pre Shave Oil
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl Handle
Soap:  Dr. Jon’s Handcrafted Shaving Soap – Big Green Monster
Razor: ’72 Gillette Tech with Muhle handle (Frankentech)
Blade:  Personna Lab Blue (2)
Splash:   Van Yulay Mens Toner – Cool & Refreshing
Post: Aubrey Organics City Rhythms ASB & Aqua Velva Ice Classic Blue

Another nice morning!  A good walk after a busy evening last night.  Last minute jaunt to the Detroit airport to pick up my best friends family members in preparation for a funeral Saturday.  I get to be a pall bearer.  His father was a good man.

Pulled out the Big Green Monster for a second round!  My opinion of the performance remains positive.  Generated a nice, creamy lather.  Not quite as thick as I would like it, but very nice regardless.  Great slickness and skin feel.  I really like how the peppermint scent is kind of subtle at the start but kind of ramps up through the shave.  Definitely going to remain in the rotation.

2nd shave on the Lab Blue.  Great shave!  Sharp and nicely smooth.  Remind me to grab some more of these. 😉


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SOTD 1/21 Winner by a Hare


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO- Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl Handle
Soap:  Sir Hare Artisan Shaving Soap – Drunken Sailor
Razor: ’72 Gillette Tech with Muhle handle (Frankentech)
Blade:  Personna Lab Blue
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Gillette Lotion ASB & Fine Classic AS – Platinum

Relatively mild morning today.  Some slight flurries but temps in the low 30s.  Sidewalks are kind of icy so Chico and I took our time walking.  For some reason the canal that flows through downtown was uncharacteristically noisy today.  It was actually kind of eerie lol

Re-visited the Sir Hare soap.   Using my traditional method, I put it to work.  And the performance was very similar to the first time I used it.  By that I mean it has decent slickness and I like the scent.  The lather though is still a bit lacking.  I used my new bowl and slightly less water than before and super loaded the brush.  The lather generated initially looks really good.  But upon closer inspection, you can see it’s REALLY sudsy.  When I applied it to the dome, it almost immediately starts to dissipate.   That being said though, I still got a really close smooth shave with it, with only one “error” and some minor irritation on the back of my head.  So, though it’s not a top performer, I’m going to keep working with it to see if I can find the sweet spot for lathering it.

Used my last Personna Lab Blue today.  My opinion of this blade has not changed.  Sharper than a Personna Red but not quite as smooth.  Not to say it’s at all rough, just not quite as smooth as the Red.  I really like this blade in my Frankentech razor.  I’m super confident with that razor so having a good sharp blade in it allows me to pretty much shave with impunity.  I know I will pay for cockiness LOL

Hump Day!!

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SOTD 1/19 Latherism


Pre: Sir Hare Bald Head Care Shaving Oil – Beach Bum
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Neon Barber Handle (The Force)
Soap:  WSP Rustic Shaving Soap – Pumpkin Spice
Razor: ’88 Gillette Super Adjustable – Black Beauty
Blade:  Astra SP (2)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Lucky Tiger Bay Rum AS

Another mild, calm morning weather-wise.  So I know some wicked weather is coming soon.  That’s how Michigan is.  We always get punished for unseasonably good weather.  So we are trying to enjoy it while we can.  Sub zero temps are coming I know it LOL

Great shave this morning!  Put some WSP soap to work.  You know, I have been doing comparisons for awhile now, but I honestly can’t decide which soap is the better lather, between Maggard Razors soaps and WSP soaps.  They both make absolutely fantastic lather easily.  I think WSP lather is a little denser, more yogurt-like.  The Maggard soaps have a bit more slickness.  Maybe.  The comparisons will continue.

Second shave on my go to blade, Astra SP.  Nicely sharp still and super smooth.  It’s almost time for me to get some more of these.  I’m down to my last pack.  I think I will split the order between these and the Astra SS.  They are so close in performance as to be almost imperceptibly interchangeable for me.  I think that may have bumped my previous faves, the Personna Reds, down a notch.  Not taking anything from the Reds, but the Astras are just so consistent and smooth in any razor I throw them in.  So I’ll probably get 5 packs of the SPs and the SSs.  I don’t think I’ll ever buy a 100pk of any blade.  I’ve thought about it a lot and that just seems like a waste.  I like variety 🙂

Also I tried out my newly pif won shaving bowl.  I do like it, especially the handle.  Now I just need to rig up a way to keep it warm.  I’ve spoiled myself with my old cheapskate scuttle.  I demand warm lather now lol

“Monday is great if I can spend it in bed. I’m a man of simple pleasures, really” – .Arthur Darvill

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SOTD 1/17 H(arko)! Who Goes There?


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Cherry Sandalwood Vanilla
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl Handle
Soap:  Arko (puck)
Razor: ’32 -40 Gillette New Long Comb Bar Handle
Blade:  Personna Red (2)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Brut Classic ASB & Master Well Bay Rum AS

Pleasant walk this morning.  Was a balmy 23 degrees and the sun was out.  Chico acted like it was Spring, bouncing all over and trying to  pee on everything LOL  The activity level downtown was correspondingly increased as well.

It’s time, it’s time for some Arko!  I love this puck!  The scent is fantastic IMO.  I love it’s laundry detergent-ish smell and it’s one of the best performing low cost soaps in it’s category!  Even the little red plastic “tin” in comes in is perfect for it.  Easy to lather with great cushion and slickness.  The puck & stick are very different from the Arko creams.  I prefer the puck formulation.  Try it before you judge it.  You’ll either love it or hate it LOL

2nd shave on the Personna Red blade.  Still very sharp and smooth.  I surprised considering this blade had sat in this razor unused for well over a month.  Didn’t seem to affect it’s performance at all.  A simple rinse and it was ready to go.  Ended up with a DFS as I really didn’t “chase the baby” today.  It’s the weekend man!

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SOTD 1/15 Barber Day


Pre: Shave Secret PSO
Brush: Shea Moisture Synthetic Brush
Soap:  Maggard Razors Shaving Soap (Tallow) – London Barbershop
Razor: ’55 Gillette Super Speed Blue Tip
Blade:  Astra Super Stainless (5)
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Fine Classic After Shaving Splash – American Barber

Still crazy cold.  Only 8 degrees this morning.  I think this was the quickest that Chico has pooped yet LOL  There was a bit of a wind so every time I stopped walking my face froze.  So it was a “double time” pace!

Pulled out the London Barber.  I still love this scent.  I like to wait a while in between uses so that it’s like a new scent every time I use it.  So easy to whip up a thick, luxurious  lather.  All Maggard Razors soaps are excellent lathers but I am of the opinion that their tallow based soap is slightly better.  I haven’t checked their site in a while, I need to see if they have any new tallow soaps because that would be a no-brainer purchase!

Wasn’t paying attention and ended up using the Astra SS on it’s 5th shave.  And it was a great shave!  Definitely not as sharp as brand new, but still plenty sharp,  Got me down to BBS with minimal buffing and zero errors.  That’s impressive!  I’m assuming that my go to blades, the Astra SP, would give similar results.  I’ve never pushed them that far but I’m going to now.  We’ll see how it compares.

It’s Thirsty Thursday again AND Beer Week!  What are you hoisting tonight?

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SOTD 1/14 Dragon Shave Z


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Cherry Vanilla Sandalwood
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Neon Barber Handle (The Force)
Soap:  Kell’s Original Handcrafted Shaving Soap – Dragons Blood (Hemp/Aloe Blend
Razor: ’30-’40s Clix Bakelite
Blade:  Laser Super Platinum (4)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Gillette Lotion ASB & Aqua Velva Musk

-8 DEGREES. Seriously?  It is ridiculously cold outside!  There was absolutely nothing enjoyable about our walk this morning.  It was a “get it over & done with” kind of a situation.  Brrr!

After that frozen walk I needed a good shave to get back in a great mood.  So it was time for the Kell’s!  This soap is one of my favorites for performance, and I love the scent also.  So easy to whip up a great, creamy lather.  Lot’s of cushion and decent slickness.  I’m never disappointed with this product.  I always say this, but I need to pick up at least another scent from Kell’s.

Fourth shave on the Laser Super Platinum!  These blades are fantastic!  I swear this blade feels just as sharp as the first shave!  I went ahead and pulled it after this one, no need to push my luck, but I probably could have done five shaves easy.  Super smooth also, with no tugging and minimal buffing need in the usual areas.  I’m going to be placing a Tryablade order soon and I will be adding these blades to the order.  I can’t remember who sent them to me, but THANKS!!

It’s Hump Day, and it’s Beer Week here!  Recommend me a good hump day brew!  Not too hoppy though lol

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SOTD 1/12 Menthol Monday


Pre: Van Yulay Pre Shave Oil
Brush: Shea Moisture Shave Synthetic Brush
Soap:  RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: Merkur 41C 1904 OC
Blade:  Treet Platinum(3)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Fine Classic AS – Platinum

Start of a new week!  Needed to be stimulated this morning to prepare for the grind!  Plus it’s Menthol Monday!  I don’t always do “Menthol Monday” but when I do, it’s a great shave!

Time for some Brain Freeze!  This Razorock soap is really the only “frozen” soap I have left.  The C.O. Bigelow can get a little frosty but its not on the same level.  But the same can be said for Brain Freeze.  While its super frosty in its own right, it’s not on the level of Frost Byte.  That being said it’s an excellent performing soap.  Awesome yogurt like, thick, rich lather.  Great cushion.  In my limited experience I think this would be a great lather for straight razor shaving.  Also has excellent slickness!  I may have to grab another Razororck soap for comparison.

3rd shave on the Treet blade.  Still very smooth but noticeably less sharp.  Had to do a lot of touch up in my problem areas.  So this is definitely a “3 and out” blade for me.  So not a rotation level blade, but definitely a good fallback.

“Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year!”  ― David Dweck

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