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11/6 Stick ‘Em Ha Ha Ha Stick ‘Em


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Grapefruit
Brush: Omega 48 Pro Boar (Brushzilla)
Soap: Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shave Stick – Bay Rum & Lemon Grass
Razor: ’44(?) Gillette Post WW2 Tech Razor w/ Bakelite Handle
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword (3)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Lotion & Lucky Tiger Bay Rum AS

Here comes the rain again.. woke up this morning channeling Annie Lennox.  We got drenched over night, and today are going to get hit by a huge cold front.  Fun right? The high temp for today occurred at MIDNIGHT, so it’s all colder from there.  Not looking forward to it.

So I was rumbling around in the bathroom last night and guess what I found stuck behind the shelves, hidden from view?  My Ogallala shaving stick!  I had totally forgotten about this gem!  Outta sight outta mind right?  Well I’m so glad I re-discovered this soap.  First the fragrance.  I love the scent of this soap.  A perfect blend of lemongrass and bay rum!  Just lemony enough without being overbearingly citrus-y.  And I love their take on the classic bay rum scent.  A tad sweet with a nice blend of spices.  Plus it’s a stick!  I love sticks for the convenience and because they are just plain fun to use.  I just rub it on the dome like a stick of butter.  Dosen’t take much, just a thin layer.  Then I pull out my big ole Omega 48 brush and massage up a smooth, slick lather!  The Omega generates and holds enough soap for 3 complete passes on the dome without reapplying the soap!  No bowl needed.  I really need to explore other stick soaps.  I know my favorite Arko has a stick version…

3rd shave on the Wilkinson.  Definitely has lost a lot of smoothness.  Stuttered a bit here and there on only 2 days growth.  Two days growth on my face/dome is probably like 12 hours growth on some of you guys LOL  Ended up BBS but paid for it with a couple of small weepers and some slight irritation over the ears.  Nothing major.  Just have to remember not to take the Sword blades past 2 shaves.

Have a great weekend!

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SOTD 9/27 Like Butter baby!


Pre: Sir Hare Bald Head Care Shaving Oil – Beach Bum
Brush: Omega 48 Pro Boar (Brushzilla)
Soap: Genuine Ogalalla Bay Rum Shave Stick – Bay Rum & Lemon Grass
Razor:   ’66 Gillette Slim Adjustable
Blade:  Gillette Silver Blue (3)
Splash:  Wal-Mart Witch hazel 86%
Post: Gillette Gel ASB & Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue

Whew late night post.  Been a hectic day but in a good way.  Worked then spent the evening watching hot air balloons and listening to some guy beat box classic rock songs and a Michael Jackson oldies revue. Yep.  Actually wasn’t horrible.  A pretty decent ending to a day that started with a great shave.

Used my Slim  (on setting 5) paired with a Silver Blue blade on it’s 3rd shave.  The blade was still very sharp and smooth.  Gave a very close shave with no errors.  This shave confirmed the move of the Silver Blue blades into my top 5 blades.

I love using my Ogalalla shave stick.  After the pre-shave oil, i re-wet my head then rub that “butter” all over the dome.  Then with a fairly damp brush I head lather.  Love how the scent just kind of wraps around my face with that gorgeous smell.  The soap provides lots of cushion and is decently slick.  If you havent tried it, I suggest you do, especially if you like the bay rum scent.  The addition of the lemon grass makes for a delicious combination.

Ended with a super close BBS.  Hope your Saturday went well!

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SOTD 9/4 A Maggard-y Morning Matey!


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Shea Synthetic Moisturizer
Soap: Maggard Razors – Lime & Bergamot
Razor:  ’66 Gillette Slim Adjustable
Blade:  Gillette Silver Blue
Splash:  Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Pacific Shaving Moisturizer & Master Well Bay Rum AS

Good morning!  Forgive the hokey pirate reference but it’s really that kind of morning LOL

Finally using a Maggard Razors full size soap instead just a sample.  It makes a difference.  I was already in love with the soap, hence the purchase, but man NOW I really understand!  Just loading a fairly damp brush for my usual 30 secs resulted in the brush being super loaded!  Moving it to the lather bowl with just a tad bit more water resulted in a ton of rich,, creamy, fragrant lather.  Speaking of the scent, the sample didn’t do it justice.  It’s a solid, strong scent (but not overpowering) that stays with me throughout the shave.  Sweet & fruity but not candy sweet.  The bergamot keeps the lime from being cloying.  Plenty of cushion and very slick!  Will be picking up more soap from Maggards for sure.

Popped a Silver Blue in the Slim set on 5, because of the great pairing it proved to be the first time.  It remained so this time.  Smooth and sharp.  No weepers or irritation.  BBS all the way around, including the neck, which you know hardly ever gets better than a DFS for me.

Finished up with the Thayers and the Bay Rum AS to keep the citrus going.  Still smells great as I’m posting this.  I find that pairing the bay rum with a citrus-y scent brings out the citrus notes in the bay rum more.  I like that.  Get out and do something with Thursday! 🙂


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SOTD 8/1 Like butter..


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Omega Pro 48
Soap: Genuine Ogalalla Bay Rum Shave Stick – Bay Rum & Lemon Grass
Razor: ’66 Gillette Slim Adjustable
Blade:  Gillette Silver Blue (3)
Splash:  Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Dove Men+Care ASB & Pinaud Clubman Classic After Shave Lotion

Pulled out the Ogalalla this morning.  Love this soap but it still makes me laugh applying this stuff to the dome.  Feel like I’m buttering myself LOL  The performance is great!  Head lathered using Brushzilla.  I think the Ogalalla is a little bit thirsty but made a nice rich lather with a minimum of effort.  Did feel a bit dry between passes but I pretty sure adding more water would correct that.  The scent is one of my favorite bay rums. Need to grab the matching after shave.

Love my Slim.  After a bit of an over zealous start to the shave on setting 6, and a nice weeper, I dialed it back to 5 and finished up BBS.  It’s amazing how big a difference that one click will make in the way the Slim shaves.  I was admittedly skeptical at first but not now!  This was the last shave on the Silver Blue blade.  Still plenty sharp but, but not quite as smooth as previously.  Was probably one of the reasons I had to dial the Slim back a notch.  So 3 shaves will undoubtedly be the limit for these for me.

Finished up with the Pinaud Classic.  I really love how that scent evokes childhood memories for me.  I can see myself sitting in the barber chair at Mr. Sams shop, listening to the old men tell their jokes and tall tales, and discuss local happenings.  Those were some really good times and are missed.  I think our communities could benefit from bringing that kind of connection back.  Don’t you?  TGIF!!



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SOTD 6/17/2014


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: GBS Pure Badger
Soap: Proraso Green & White
Razor: ’72 Gillette Super Speed
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword(3)
Splash: n/a
Post: Nivea Sensitive AS Balm
After:  Master Well bay Rum After Shave

Last shave on the Sword.  Still felt very sharp and actually a bit smoother than the first two shaves with it.  I’m tempted to try a 4th shave but eh..  The combo of the Proraso and the badger brush was very productive.  Lots of rich lather.  I don’t really get much scent wise from the Green & White but thats a minor thing.  On the third round of working through my soap samples.  Will be making final choices after this one.

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