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SOTD 10/21 Fat Boys Deux


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Grapefruit
Brush: WSP Silvertip Badger
Soap: Catie’s Bubbles – Celtic Knot
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade: Treet Platinum(2)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Brut Post Shave Balm & Pinaud Clubman Classic

Quiet morning today.  I like how it’s still dark-ish when I walk now.  It’s a calmer ambiance I think.  Chico loves walking in the dark.  We need to do a midnight walk again soon.

Was out on the town a bit last night, and imbibed a tad more than I should have on a weeknight so woke up a little foggy and sluggish.  Wanted a strong, masculine scent to wake me up.  Celtic Knot filled the bill.  I don’t know if they consider it “masculine” but to me it smells “man-ish”.  If you aren’t familiar with this soap, it’s a firmer soap.  I tend to press some in the bottom of my “whipping bowl” and that works out rather well.  Makes a nice, creamy lather.  Not too dense but not overly fluffy either.  Good cushion.

Second shave on the Treet blade.  I can feel already that it’s not quite as smooth as the initial shave.  Not bad, but not as smooth.  I may not do a 3rd shave with this blade.  No blood today, but I did hit that vertical nick from Monday.  Ow.  Other than that ended up BBS with minimal effort.

Happy Hump Day!!


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SOTD 10/19 Chocolate Cherries


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Cherry Vanilla Sandalwood
Brush: Omega 48 Pro Boar (Brushzilla
Soap: Mickey Lee Soapworks – Bee Witched
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade: Treet Platinum
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Pinaud Clubman – Vanilla

Man, it was COLD this weekend!  That doesn’t bode well for how intense this Winter is going to be.  I’m really not looking forward to it, but I live in Michigan, so what can I do right? LOL  Not as cold this morning.  Had a nice walk with Chico over by the train depot along the tracks.  Peaceful.

I didn’t post any shaves last week, so I’m getting back into the swing of things today.  This mornings shave was pretty darn good.  Pulled out Mickey Lee’s Bee Witched.  LOVE everything about this soap.  The scent, the lather, the skin feel, the cushion & glide.  Definitely need to pick up another scent from them.

Paired the Fat Boy with a Treet Platinum.  Haven’t used that blade since 2014 if I recall correctly.  Sharp blade.  Not as smooth as the Astra, but not harsh either.  had the Fat Boy set on ‘4’ initially, then dialed down to ‘3’ for the last two passes.  Had a couple days growth to deal with but the Treet handled it well.  I did get a small vertical nick on my neck just behind my right ear but it was user error.  I was streaming old school jams and “Freddy Jackson – Rock Me Tonight” came on and suddenly it was karaoke at the Apollo LOL  But I digress 😉

“Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. My 7th favorite. ” – Unknown

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SOTD 7/18 Fat Boys Are Back


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Grapefruit
Brush: Shea Moisture Synthetic Brush
Soap: Through The Fire Fine Craft Shaving Soap – Ignite
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword(3)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Lotion & Old Spice ReFresh Body Spray –  Wolfthorn

It’s hot.  And sticky.  And so humid.  Not ideal shaving conditions for me.  Even with the AC on, it’s still “damp” in my apartment.  So cold shower this morning after a short, hot, stiffling walk with Chico, who is currently sprawled out under the ceiling fan lol

I wanted a refreshing shave this morning so I pulled out the Ignite by Maria Arman.  This soap has an amazing scent.  I call it my fruit loops soap.  It also has fantastic performance, as all of Maria’s soaps do.  Awesome lather, great cushion, and good slickness.  I have yet to be disappointed by any of her products that I have tried.

Last shave on the Wilkinson blade in the Fat Boy.  A decent middle of the road blade.  Decently smooth, sharp enough.  Nothing spectacular about it but it’s a good solid workhorse kind of blade.  I’d rate it a step or so below the Astra SP, but it is a similar blade.

Time to order some more blades.  Any suggestions?

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SOTD 4/6 A Suave Monday


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Shea Moisture Synthetic Brush
Soap:  Suavecito Shaving Creme
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Laser Super Platinum (4)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Gillette Lotion ASB & Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue AS

Definitely a Spring morning today!  Bright & sunny.  Mild temp.  Light breeze.  Birds singing.  Yes it was a good walk this morning.  A good start to the new work week after a fantastic Easter celebration with family and friends!  I don’t know about you, but I ingested way too much BBQ ribs, roast, chicken, brats,sweet potato casserole, cabbage, etc etc!  Gonna have to do some extra walking this week to burn that off LOL

Gave the Suavecito cream another stab.  I hate to see that almost full jar just sitting there un-used.  I mean it LOOKS like it should be great.  But unfortunately it’s not for me.  I know there are folks out there who like this soap, but I’m just not one of them.  I didn’t even try to lather it based on previous experience.  This time I tried using it straight from the jar and just brushed on a thin layer.  It does go on fairly easily and shaves decently.  it has good slickness, but zero cushioning.  I did end up with a really close and smooth shave, but there is some irritation in a couple of places.  I don’t totally attribute the irritation to the soap, as the blade wasn’t quite as sharp as it could have been.

Speaking of the blade, the Laser was on it’s 4th shave.  I probably should have ditched it after the 3rd.  It wasn’t bad but it was noticeably less sharp and I had to do some buffing in several areas to get as smooth as I like.  Ended up BBS with no errors or blood.  So even though I wasn’t happy with the soap, still overall a good Monday shave!

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run the walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – MLK

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SOTD 1/28 Laser Close


Pre: Van Yulay Pre Shave Oil
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:  WSP Rustic Shaving Soap – Mahogany
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Laser Super Platinum (2)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Brut Classic ASB & Pinaud Clubman Classic AS

8 friggin’ degrees this morning!  Little to no wind though so it wasn’t as horrid as it sounds.  Everything is crunchy and brittle so it makes walking on most surfaces a delicate balancing act.  Doesn’t help that Chico constantly lunges at stuff threatening to pull me down.  Bad dog. LOL

Revisited the WSP mahogany.  I really love this scent.  It’s difficult to describe as it’s a very complex bouquet of smells.  Definitely a masculine scent.  I’d say it is worth picking up a sample just for the scent. The performance is outstanding.  WSP makes some of the best lathering soap I’ve tried yet.  Thick, dense, and slick.  The best 3 words when it comes to soap IMO.

Still rocking the Laser SP blades.  And they are still performing like champions!  This one is on it’s 2nd shave, on setting 4.  Gave me a super smooth feeling BBS front to back with NO bloodletting.  No skipping or catching.  The Lasers have definitely earned a place in my top 5 rotation.  I’m going to be ordering more blades this week.  I’ll post my list then.

It’s HUMP Day!! Mike, Mike, Mike Mike, Mike!

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SOTD 12/21 Punkin Sunday


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO _ Cherry Vanilla Sandalwood
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:  WSP Rustic Shaving Soap – Pumpkin Spice
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Personna Red (4)
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Gillette After Shave Lotion

A relaxing Sunday morning shave before I dive into completing my Christmas shopping today.  Something I am NOT looking forward too.  Luckily I only have a few more things to get.  I was kind of distracted this morning.  Was trying to plan my attack on shopping and thus my mind wasn’t totally on my shave.  So I ended up making a few questionable choices, but ended up with a great shave anyway 🙂

Used the WSP Pumpkin Spice.  I love the scent.  Smells just like homemade pumpkin pie.  Seriously.  I’m always totally hungry after using this soap.  Of course the performance was great as usual.  WSP soaps lather super easy and generates that thick yogurt-y style lather.  Great cushion and nice slickness.  Really nice skin feel after the shave.

Accidentally used the Personna Red on it’s 4th shave.  Not surprisingly it shaved great.  There’s no reason why I don’t typically take the Reds past 3 shaves other than 3 shaves is a good number for most of the blades that I use.  I have a few brands that I could easily use for 4-5 shaves but blades are so cheap that I don’t really worry about it.

Finally, not thinking, I grabbed the Gillette ASB Lotion.  The scent TOTALLY clashed with the pumpkin scent of the soap.  It was a weird effect.  Luckily the ASB soon over powered the pumpkin so it evened out.  Ended up with a super close BBS shave all around.  Zero errors from the Fat Boy set on 4.

It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!


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SOTD 12/11 Enter the Dragon


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl
Soap:   Kell’s Original Handcrafted Shaving Soap – Dragons Blood (Hemp/Aloe Blend
Razor:  ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Personna Red (3)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue

Ever have one of those mornings where everything distracted you?  That was me today.  Somehow I got lost during my shave.  I had things on my mind, and was listening to a podcast and next thing you know I had no idea what pass I was on LOL  So I either completed my usual 3 passes on the dome, or maybe up to 5 passes…

That being said it was still a great shave this morning.  Kell’s is easily the best melt & pour lather I have right now.  It’s in my top 5 lathers period!  It’s just so easy to get thick, yogurt-y, luxurious lather from this soap.  Great cushion, decent razor glide.  I am really liking the Dragon Blood scent.  I’m thinking that if I had this scent in an after shave, that it would go perfect with the Mahogany scent from WSP!

3rd shave on the Personna Red.  Think I’m going to let this one go to 4 shaves as it is still sharp, and super smooth.  BBS top to bottom.  No errors or irritation.  Didn’t even have to do any touchup over the ears.  I had the Fat Boy set on 4.  I tend to leave it at 4-5 depending on the blade.

It’s another Thirsty Thursday!  What’s in your glass tonight? I’m thinking something with dark rum..

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Sunday Shave 11/23/14


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: GBS Badger Brush
Soap: Maggard Razors Shaving Soap – Lime & Bergamot
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Personna Red (2)
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Pacific Shaving Moisturizer ASB & Lucky Tiger Bay Rum AS

A great, relaxing Sunday morning shave!  Started with an unexpectedly pleasant walk with Chico.  The temp was in the mid 40s and after several days of frigid mornings in the low teens, this was like a balmy Spring day LOL

To continue the Spring-like feeling I pulled out the Limes & Bergamot.  Used my little ceramic bowl today as it holds heat better than my salsa bowl and I wanted the warm lather from my favorite soap.  Performance was absolutely fantastic.  Lots of thick, silky lather.  Slick razor glide.  The scent just filled the bathroom.

Mr. Big Stuff and the Personna Red moved down my stubble like a brush fire through a dry grass plain.  Except it didn’t burn.  Ok maybe that wasn’t the best analogy.  Let’s just say my head, face, and neck are super smooth and irritation free!  And really, what more can you ask of a shave?

Finished up with a splash of the Lucky Tiger.  That scent is really growing on me!  And it has decent staying power.  I catch whiffs of it hours later.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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Sunday Shave 11/9 Fat Maggard


Pre: Maggard razors PSO – Lime
Brush: GBS Pure Badger
Soap: Maggard Razors Shaving Soap (Tallow) – London Barbershop
Razor:  ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Personna Red
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Gillette Gel ASB

I love Maggard Razors soaps.  Although Lime & Bergamot is my favorite scent from them, the London Barbershop is arguably their best lather that I have tried.  It generates so easily and is so think and velvety and rich, almost without even trying.  Is it because of the tallow?  Possibly.  I don’t have enough experience with tallow soaps to really judge at this point. But I know I love it!  Now don’t get me wrong EVERY single soap I have tried from Maggard has been phenomenal lather.  It just seems like the LB is a small step beyond even that.

Put Mr. Big Stuff to work this morning.  Paired it with a brand new Personna Red.  Made for an exceptionally close, comfortable, BBS shave!  As was expected of this combo.  So narrowing down my choices for the 100pk of blades; I think it’s down to Personna Red, Astra SP, and Blue Birds.  And it still may change.  The Gillette Silver Blues are right there also.  It’s a conundrum LOL

Another relaxing Sunday morning, listening to both music and a shaving podcast.  I really appreciate days that I can just take it at a slow leisurely pace and enjoy what I do.  Hopefully you got in some relaxing this weekend!

God bless!

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SOTD 10/29 Fat Freeze


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Neon Barber Handle (The Force)
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor:   ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Gillette Silver Blue (3)
Splash:   —
Post: Aubrey Organics City Rhythms AS Balm & Fine Classic Platinum AS

I hadn’t felt the frost in awhile so I re-visited the Brain Freeze.  I like this soap as it’s a different type of freeze than the Frost Byte.  Where FB is an intense, in-your-face, eye watering iciness; the Brain Freeze is a more slowly build over time with a frosty finish.  I can still feel the coolness on my scalp and neck,  Feels goooood.

The Razorock soap is one of the easiest lather makers also.  The brush is fully loaded usually in less than 15 seconds.  Generates more than enough lather for my needs.  My usual 3 passes on the dome, and 3.5 on the neck.  Had plenty of lather left in the bowl.  Has great cushion and razor glide.  About average thirstiness.  Overall a great soap to have in your collection!

3rd shave on the Silver Blue.  Love the consistent shave I get from these blades.  It was still nicely sharp and still very smooth.  I’m sure I could push this blade to 4-5 shaves no problem.  If you saw my blade post you know these are in my top five.  Gave me a total BBS with no “oops” or “ows”. 🙂

It’s hump day!  I’ll just stop here.. 😉

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