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SOTD 10/19 Chocolate Cherries


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Cherry Vanilla Sandalwood
Brush: Omega 48 Pro Boar (Brushzilla
Soap: Mickey Lee Soapworks – Bee Witched
Razor: ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade: Treet Platinum
Splash:   Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post: Pinaud Clubman – Vanilla

Man, it was COLD this weekend!  That doesn’t bode well for how intense this Winter is going to be.  I’m really not looking forward to it, but I live in Michigan, so what can I do right? LOL  Not as cold this morning.  Had a nice walk with Chico over by the train depot along the tracks.  Peaceful.

I didn’t post any shaves last week, so I’m getting back into the swing of things today.  This mornings shave was pretty darn good.  Pulled out Mickey Lee’s Bee Witched.  LOVE everything about this soap.  The scent, the lather, the skin feel, the cushion & glide.  Definitely need to pick up another scent from them.

Paired the Fat Boy with a Treet Platinum.  Haven’t used that blade since 2014 if I recall correctly.  Sharp blade.  Not as smooth as the Astra, but not harsh either.  had the Fat Boy set on ‘4’ initially, then dialed down to ‘3’ for the last two passes.  Had a couple days growth to deal with but the Treet handled it well.  I did get a small vertical nick on my neck just behind my right ear but it was user error.  I was streaming old school jams and “Freddy Jackson – Rock Me Tonight” came on and suddenly it was karaoke at the Apollo LOL  But I digress 😉

“Monday is one of my favorite days of the week. My 7th favorite. ” – Unknown

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