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SOTD 11/23 The Holidaze Begins…


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Grapefruit
Brush: GBS Pure Badger Brush
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: ’88 Gillette Super Adjustable – Black Beauty
Blade: Astra SP
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Fine Classic After Shave – Platinum

Yep.  Winter has arrived, just in time for Thanksgiving.  it was about 21 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, and we have a good 3 inches on the ground.  Was still a pretty nice walk this morning.  Chico was irritated because he hates walking on salt.  But he wont let me pick him up, and he refuses to wear paw covers, and we live downtown.  There is salt everywhere.  He just has to deal with it. I just keep an eye on his paws for any problems.

Really smooth shave this morning!  Pulled out the RazoRock.  This soap was one of my first artisan soaps.  back when I first grabbed it, RazoRock was all over the shave groups and forums.  Now I never see the brand mentioned anymore.  What’s up with that?  Did he “fall off”?  If I missed something, please fill me in!  Aside from that, I still love this soap.  It was also my first real menthol soap.  It doesn’t feel nearly as icy as it did back then, but I attest that to me becoming more tolerant of it.  Still has a nice chill though.  Makes a nice smooth lather, and has decent glide.  Skin feels moisturized afterwards.  Good soap.

Matched up an Astra SP blade with my Black Beauty.  This is always a great combo.  Performed as expected.  Was able to achieve BBS with minimal effort.  Some tiny spot of irritation on the back of my head but I blame that on user error.

So what are your T-Bird Day plans?



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6/26 Head games


Pre: Shave Secret PSO
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl Handle
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: ’64 Gillette Super Speed Flare Tip
Blade: Sputnik (3)
Splash: Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Brut Original Fragrance Moisturizing ASB & Fine Classic AS – Platinum

Man it’s a good thing it’s Friday because I am dragging arse this morning!  Don’t know why but I just can not get it into gear.  My walk was uneventful and pretty pleasant.  Maybe I just need to eat a big breakfast.  I mean a “healthy” breakfast 😉

Diggin’ in the crates this morning!  Pulled out one of the first soaps I ever bought.  Brain Freeze by RazoRock!  I’d almost forgotten I had this soap.  Todays shave quickly reminded me as to why I haven’t traded it away.  This soap is fantastic!  The thick, yogurt-y lather comes almost instantly.  Great cushion and very good slickness.  I have a hard time describing this scent.  It just smells like menthol to me.  Oh did I forget to mention this is a menthol soap?  Yessir!  Just enough of a freeze to wake me up in the morning, which I definitely needed today!  I just realized this is the only Razorock product I own, so I’m going to have to look into that soon.

Last shave on the Sputnik blade and I have to say it performed great from first to last shave!  Today it was still nicely sharp, decently smooth.  Ended up BBS with only one nick on the back of my head which was probably due to user error.  So I will most likely be re-upping on the Sputniks.  If you like the Gillette 7 O’Clock Yellows, you should try out the Sputniks.

TGIF!  I definitely need a drink!  Or three!

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3/9 Menthol Monday!


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl Handle
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: Maggard Razors MR3
Blade:  Astra SP
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Fine Classic After Shaving Splash – Platinum

Monday!  I had a fantastic weekend shooting pics of the massive ice flows at the pier in South Haven, MI.  It was beautiful but also pretty nerve wracking LOL  Some absolutely insane people were venturing way out on the lake ice.  Not me!  The temps were in the low to mid 40s all weekend so I had a smile on my face everyday!  Winter is DEAD!!

It’s another Menthol Monday so I pulled out the Brain Freeze.  After not having froze on our morning walk, I have to say the menthol effect didn’t seem as pronounced today.  The lather was fantastic.  I used a new lather bowl, actually a tiny red plastic salsa bowl that I found at a dollar store.  I grabbed it because the interior has a mildly rough/ribbed textures that seems like would naturally help generate suds.  I think it did indeed help some but I’ll have to use it more to really judge.

Paired up my trusty Astra SP with my MR3 that I hadn’t used in a couple months.  Still love the weight and performance of this chunky razor. With the Astra blade it gives a super close, comfortable shave with no irritation. Ended up BBS with no errors.

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it. So do it!” – Amelia Earhart

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SOTD 1/12 Menthol Monday


Pre: Van Yulay Pre Shave Oil
Brush: Shea Moisture Shave Synthetic Brush
Soap:  RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: Merkur 41C 1904 OC
Blade:  Treet Platinum(3)
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Fine Classic AS – Platinum

Start of a new week!  Needed to be stimulated this morning to prepare for the grind!  Plus it’s Menthol Monday!  I don’t always do “Menthol Monday” but when I do, it’s a great shave!

Time for some Brain Freeze!  This Razorock soap is really the only “frozen” soap I have left.  The C.O. Bigelow can get a little frosty but its not on the same level.  But the same can be said for Brain Freeze.  While its super frosty in its own right, it’s not on the level of Frost Byte.  That being said it’s an excellent performing soap.  Awesome yogurt like, thick, rich lather.  Great cushion.  In my limited experience I think this would be a great lather for straight razor shaving.  Also has excellent slickness!  I may have to grab another Razororck soap for comparison.

3rd shave on the Treet blade.  Still very smooth but noticeably less sharp.  Had to do a lot of touch up in my problem areas.  So this is definitely a “3 and out” blade for me.  So not a rotation level blade, but definitely a good fallback.

“Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year!”  ― David Dweck

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Menthol Monday 12/1


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl Handle
Soap:  RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: Schick Injector – L Series
Blade:  Schick Injector
Splash:   Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Brut Original Fragrance Moisturizing ASB & Fine Platinum AS

Low 50s yesterday, 24 degrees this morning.  Smh.  It’s going to be a long, interesting Winter here in Michigan.

First day of the last month of the year!  I kicked off Menthol Monday with the Brain Freeze by RazoRock.  Nicely icy soap. Very easy to lather.  Great glide, excellent cushion.  The freeze builds to an arctic crescendo!  The scent is more like a classic menthol than anything else.  Skin feels smooth and protected.

I was hesitant to use the Schick this morning as the last few shaves I’ve had with it have been less than stellar.  After  todays shave though I am positive the issue was with the blades, and not with my razor.  Today the shave was near perfect.  No major issues, smooth, comfortable.  No skipping.  Even mowed through my problem areas with a minimum of “buffing”.  I am ecstatic!  This has always been on of my favorite shavers and I was bummed about it falling out of favor.  But now it’s back and I’m BBS to start the work week!

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.Unknown


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SOTD 10/29 Fat Freeze


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Neon Barber Handle (The Force)
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor:   ’61 Gillette Adjustable “Fat Boy” aka Mr. Big Stuff
Blade:  Gillette Silver Blue (3)
Splash:   —
Post: Aubrey Organics City Rhythms AS Balm & Fine Classic Platinum AS

I hadn’t felt the frost in awhile so I re-visited the Brain Freeze.  I like this soap as it’s a different type of freeze than the Frost Byte.  Where FB is an intense, in-your-face, eye watering iciness; the Brain Freeze is a more slowly build over time with a frosty finish.  I can still feel the coolness on my scalp and neck,  Feels goooood.

The Razorock soap is one of the easiest lather makers also.  The brush is fully loaded usually in less than 15 seconds.  Generates more than enough lather for my needs.  My usual 3 passes on the dome, and 3.5 on the neck.  Had plenty of lather left in the bowl.  Has great cushion and razor glide.  About average thirstiness.  Overall a great soap to have in your collection!

3rd shave on the Silver Blue.  Love the consistent shave I get from these blades.  It was still nicely sharp and still very smooth.  I’m sure I could push this blade to 4-5 shaves no problem.  If you saw my blade post you know these are in my top five.  Gave me a total BBS with no “oops” or “ows”. 🙂

It’s hump day!  I’ll just stop here.. 😉

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SOTD 8/25 Menthol Monday


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: VDH Kit Boar Brush
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor:  32 -40 Gillette New Long Comb Bar Handle
Blade:  Shark SS
Splash:  Humphreys Alcohol Free Cucumber Melon Witch Hazel Facial Toner
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB & Fine Classic Platinum AS

Good shave to kick off the work week!  The Brain Freeze has just enough chill to wake me up and get me alert in the morning!  I like the way it builds.  It doesn’t get nearly overwhelming like Frost Byte (although I like that), but it does get pretty icy.  And topping it off with the mentholated Fine Platinum just keeps it going nicely.

Tossed a Shark Stainless blade in the New Long Comb.  It’s a pretty good combo.  The last time I used a Shark it was in my Tech head, so I was curious on how it’d do in the New.  I wasn’t disappointed.  While still not one of the sharpest blades, it was pretty smooth in the New.  No tugging or skipping.  I did get one unexpected small weeper but I think that was due to me using more  pressure than usual.  Like I said, the Shark isn’t the sharpest blade so I had to hit a couple areas more than once.  But still ended up with a DFS.

Sunday turned out to be an adventure.  Ended up at a place called Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park.  It’s a small wild life refuge kind of stuck in the middle of farm country west of Grand Rapids, MI.  Surrounded by dairy farms I was skeptical, especially because it didn’t look that impressive from the street.  Well that was before I saw the bison!  Oh and this guy…


Now that expression on his face is gonna be stuck in your brain all day!  have a great Monday 😉

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SOTD 7/21/2014 Who’s the Chilliest?


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: VDH Boar Brush
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: Frankentech
Blade: Racer Super Stainless (2)
Splash:  Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post:  Dove Men+Care ASB

After experiencing the dome numbing cold of HTGAM Frost Byte, I had to go back and re-visit Brain Freeze for comparison.  Although Brain Freeze does provide for a frosty shaving experience, especially in cold water, I have to give the “Ice King” title to Frost Byte!  That soaps icy-ness just continues to build through out the shave till I thought I was going to get frost bite!  I know bad pun but you get what I’m saying?

Now don’t get the idea that I’m bagging on Brain Freeze.  I love that soap.  It is frosty and lathers easily and has a nice scent.  It is easily one of the top performers in my modest soap/cream collection.  It will definitely remain in the rotation.  But the frosty championship stays with Frost Byte, until a new challenger comes forth.  Like Yeti Snot.  That will probably be my next menthol acquisition, unless someone thinks there’s a better choice.  Let me know!

Second shave on the Racer blade.  Not a bad shave.  Not tugging,  Seemed decently sharp.  No weepers.  Had to do some touch up after, but still a DFS.  Not one of my top blades but will do in a pinch.  I’m kind of excited as I should be having some mail calls this week.  The thing is, I don’t know what they are!  Ooh surprises 😉



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Menthol Monday SOTD 7/7/2014


Pre: Shave Secret
Brush: VDH Boar Kit Brush
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: Maggard Razors MR3
Blade: Treet Platinum(2)
Splash: Fine Classic After Shave – Platinum
Post: Nivea Sensitive ASB

Hence forth, all of my Menthol Mondays will be cold water shaves!  So refreshing!  Woke up to a muggy apartment this morning after the wicked storm we had last night.  After walking Chico, I just wasn’t feeling hanging out in a steamy bathroom, so cool shower and cold shave was the order of the day!

I actually felt the menthol in the Brain Freeze this time.  I have to think it was because of the cold water.  It felt really good.  Lathered fairly easily.  I plan on trying out some other RazoRock soaps in the near future.  I had to go right back to the Treet blade/MR3 combo, to make sure yesterday wasn’t a fluke.  I’m happy to report that it wasn’t!  The Treet blade was just as smooth as before.  Total BBS shave.  No issues.  Finished the icy shave with the Fine Platinum after shave.  Added just enough kick to keep the menthol train going.  I love how the scent lingers.  I’ll get comments on it hours after my shave.  Have a great start to your week!


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SOTD 6/29/2014


Pre: Headblade Headshed & Maggard Razors PSO – Lime
Brush: GBS Pure Badger
Soap: RazoRock Brain Freeze
Razor: Maggard Razors M3
Blade: Voskhod (3)
Splash: Wal-Mart Witch Hazel 86%
Post:  N/A
After:  Fine Classic After Shaving Splash – Fine

A stormy Sunday, but mine started off sublime.  Woke up early, anxious to try my haul from Maggards.  After a leisurely hot shower, and my once a week head scrub with Head Shed, I was feeling like a great shave was incoming!  My dog Chico was on guard duty, per usual.  He stays in the bathroom during the entire process.  I almost coaxed him into the shower, but as soon as the drops hit his face he was outta there! lol

2013-03-15 09.04.51

Maybe it’s a face feel thing, but honestly, I didn’t feel the promised “freeze” on the dome.  I mean I really didn’t feel any menthol at all.  It was good lather, and excellent razor glide, and it smelled great.  But no icy feel.  Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on it, and I would purchase it again just based on it’s performance.  Last shave on the Voskhod.  It was still plenty sharp and I’m sure I could probably push this blade out to 4-5 shaves no problem.  But for working my way through these blade samples it’s 3 shaves and out.  I ended up with a good BBS shave with no weepers.  Even did a 4 pass on the neck.  Closest shave I’ve had there in a while.  Just shy of a BBS.  Topped it off with a healthy splash of the famous Fine Platinum.  Now THERE was the menthol kick I was looking for!  It’s been a good 20 minutes since my shave and I’m still feeling it a bit.  And that scent?  Totally lives up to the hype!  Need to try the American Blend next.  Hmm.. maybe I can work one Fine scent every couple weeks into the budget 😉

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