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SOTD 11/2 Dragon Fall


Pre: Maggard Razors PSO – Grapefruit
Brush: Custom Boar by Steve Brown Swirl Handle
Soap: Kell’s Original Handcrafted Shaving Soap – Dragons Blood (Hemp/Aloe Blend)
Razor: ’44(?) Gillette Post WW2 Tech Razor w/ Bakelite Handle
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Splash:   Thayers Natural Remedies Lemon Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent
Post: Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Lotion & Master Well Bay Rum AS

Hello November!  Hate to see you so soon, but at least you showed up in a good mood right?  I started a bit early but I’m growing my facial hair for Movember (or No Shave November), whichever LOL  So now just shaving dome and neck.  Great morning walk today. I love getting up an hour later.  Feels like I got away with sleeping in 🙂

Great shave today.  I was lazy this past weekend so I had to deal with 3 days growth this morning.  Pulled out the Dragons Blood soap by Kells.  LOVE the scent of this soap.  Lathers easily and makes a nice smooth lather.  Not super dense, but has great cushion and slickness.  After shave skin feel is smooth and hydrated.  Definitely a recommendation if you haven’t tried a Kell’s soap.

I popped a sharp Wilkinson Sword blae into the WW2 Tech this morning.  Turns out to be a really good pairing.  The Sword is sharp and smooth, and the Tech is just aggressive enough to make mowing down 3 days growth nice & easy.  Very minor touch up in the usual spots.  No errors.  Ended up baby butt smooth dome and throat.  And that’s how she likes it 😉

“It’s Monday.  You can do this..” – Coffee

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